docker-compose environment for the entire system
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#!/bin/bash -x
# This is *container* setup for the OIDC stuff
export APP_NAME="${DOMAIN_NAME} Gitea"
if [ -r "$OIDC_CANARY" ]; then
# based on
exec "/usr/bin/entrypoint" "/bin/s6-svscan" "/etc/s6";
# We have to do some setup, so start things and wait for the config
# file to appear so that we can edit it.
"/usr/bin/entrypoint" "/bin/s6-svscan" "/etc/s6" &
echo >&2 "*** Sleeping for setup"
sleep 30
echo >&2 "*** Adding OIDC login for $DOMAIN_NAME"
su -s /bin/sh git <<EOF || exit 1
gitea admin auth add-oauth \
--name "keycloak" \
--provider "openidConnect" \
--key "gitea" \
--secret "${GITEA_CLIENT_SECRET}" \
--auto-discover-url "https://${KEYCLOAK_HOSTNAME}.${DOMAIN_NAME}/realms/${REALM}/.well-known/openid-configuration" \
--group-claim-name "groups" \
--admin-group "admin" \
touch "${OIDC_CANARY}"
echo >&2 "*** Done, maybe it works?"
exit 0